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What Lies Beneath Dreamers Boxset

Boxset $235.00

Release Date: 10/09/2010

Discs: 5

Comes in an outer box which contains the following:

- A 12" Hardcover book with photographs and lyrics, which holds the 2 CDs in the front cover.

- Vinyl LP in a Hardcover Gatefold Sleeve with printed inner sleeves.

- A separate sleeve which holds a 12" Portrait signed by Tarja

- A 12" Inner box entitled "Hide And See" which contains folio labeled "Phatasmagoria" containing a USB-Card and "an authentic Venetian Mask to hide behind".

- Includes a certificate of authenticity with a hand-written number.

CD1-1. Anteroom Of Death
CD1-2. Until My Last Breath
CD1-3. Naiad
CD1-4. Dark Star
CD1-5. Underneath
CD1-6. Little Lies
CD1-7. Still Of The Night
CD1-8. Rivers Of Lust
CD1-9. In For A Kill
CD1-10. I Feel Immortal
CD1-11. We Are
CD1-12. Falling Awake
CD1-13. The Archive Of Lost Dreams
CD1-14. Crimson Deep

CD2-1. Dark Star (Tarja Lead Vocal Version)
CD2-2. Montañas De Silencio
CD2-3. If You Believe
CD2-4. The Crying Moon
CD2-5. Underneath (Orchestral Version)
CD2-6. I Feel Immortal (Single Version)
CD2-7. Falling Awake
CD2-8. The Good Die Young
CD2-9. Naiad (Instrumental Extended Version)


A1. Anteroom Of Death
A2. Until My Last Breath
A3. Naiad
B1. Dark Star
B2. Underneath
B3. Little Lies
C1. Rivers Of Lust
C2. In For A Kill
C3. I Feel Immortal
C4. We Are
D1. Falling Awake
D2. The Archive Of Lost Dreams
D3. Crimson Deep


1. Falling Awake
2. I Feel Immortal
3. Tarja Making Of
4. Until My Last Breath I
5. Until My Last Breath II